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Sponsor a student

We at AMO need your help to sponsor a student to complete one of our Bible College courses. Training and educating young Christian students from different countries in Africa plays an integral part in strengthening the Christians and giving them the proper tools and knowledge to promote the work of God. This can also enable Christians to grow spiritually and be effective disciples.

The AMO Bible College course takes three years to complete after which students can complete an optional 4th year of studies to obtain a Licentiate Theology Honours.

It costs R250 per month to sponsor a single student and you may sponsor more than one student. And there is also another option to sponsor student (s) namely you can give him or them a work of translation to do like book, magazine, news letter, any document that is suitable for youth education; it could be in French, English or Portuguese as long we do have in our Institution students who possessed such ability. Therefore, do not hesitate to join us for such work. See our details below and Home profile.

By completing the form below you pledge to sponsor a student/s for a specified term. We request that you sign a stoporder at your bank for a repeat payment.

Our banking details:
Bank: Nedbank South Africa
Account name: AMO
Branch: 10550500
Acc. number: 1080684182

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