AMO - Africa Ministries Outreach
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Our Registration:

AMO is a NPC (Non-Profit Corporation) of the State of Nebraska, America
Registration number: 9000091193 as well as a NPO in South Africa

Our Vision:

When Jesus ascended from earth, He gave his disciples the work of taking the gospel to all the nations and when they started to preach, they moved north and west. If you look at the countries that are Christian countries or have religious freedom you will find them to the north and east of Israel, going around the globe but stopping at China and at African countries like the DRC etc.

The Chinese church has a God-given vision, namely to evangelize everybody from China to Jerusalem. That includes some of the most un-reached countries and groups, namely Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.

God has also made this vision alive for us. I believe our task is to reach everybody between South Africa and Jerusalem.

This implies of course all the mainly Muslim countries in the north of Africa. Not an easy task, but with God nothing is impossible.

This, I believe, represents the “last frontier” and that this vision comes from the heart of God and that He already has a perfect plan to make this possible.


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